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In 2007, my doctor told me that I had stage 1 prostate cancer and recommended surgery, while my husband’s doctor said that he was completely against the idea of surgery and that active surveillance was sufficient. My doctor continued to explain the need to choose between radiotherapy or radical prostatectomy. At no point did he tell me about ablathermy. That’s why I preferred surgery (a decision I now regret). Nobody told me I should use the urinary incontinence pad three or four times a day.

After a recovery period of six or seven weeks I managed to ride the bike again, which helped stop the urine leakage, but I feel like I was not the same guy as before. I wish my urologist would tell me about Ablatherm®. I am now a member of a patient association and hopefully this will change.

M.A., 62 years old

I When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in October 2007, my doctor offered me three treatment options: surgery, radiotherapy, and curicotherapy. I rejected the radical prostatectomy idea the first time. The radiotherapy option included 35 sessions over seven weeks, which seemed difficult to manage. O.E. from Ablatherm® HIFU treatment in the choice of treatment, had chosen curicotherapy. This treatment, involving the placement of radioactive material particles in the prostate, was performed in March 2008.

 Um In December 2008, after the results of the control biopsy increased the fear that the cancer was being repeated, I applied to the training and research hospital to get information about the ablathermy in the nearest center. This is because ablathermy HIFU treatment was the only option for localized recurrent cancer despite radiotherapy. My doctor told me about ablathermy for the first time. After all the references I have read (about Ablatherm®), I noticed the benefits of HIFU for quality of life compared to other treatments, and made me regret not choosing it as the first-line treatment. Sonr

O.E., 70 years old

Di In 2001, my urology doctor confirmed that I had prostate cancer and offered me three treatment options, including Ablatherm®. . You can have a general surgical operation, choose radiotherapy, or go to see the urology professor for the treatment of ablathermy, Ür he said.

In order to make a conscious choice, I consulted a specialist on the HIFU technique, which would describe the treatment of Ablatherm® to me. In contrast to radiotherapy, there was no risk of accidents such as damage to the surrounding tissues, in addition, it was important that the hospital stay was short, there was only a small urine leak and no medication was required after any treatment.

Thus, on September 19, 2003, ablathermy treatment was applied. The procedure was through a probe placed inside the rectum and was completely painless. I think I’ve even been asleep a while during treatment. In the first three days, although I felt a little pain, it was nice that we could leave the hospital quickly and without urine leakage. I feel healthy right now and my PSA values ​​are fixed after ablation therapy, but I’m going to my urologist regularly.

K.B., 83 years old

He proposed a urologist radiotherapy treatment [olog]. This made me very anxious because my friends and other patients who had been treated with radiotherapy had many side effects in this treatment according to their experience in social media groups. Later, a friend who was a doctor told me about an ultrasound treatment (Ablatherm®) that gave me good results.

In November 2004, when I was 76 years old, a loba ablathermy treatment was performed under local anesthesia. I did not suffer for five days in the hospital and one day after he left the hospital, I was able to drive to my house, 350 km away from the drive. I had no side effects such as urinary incontinence or impotence. In April 2005, a second ablatherm treatment was performed in the other lobe. My PSA value dropped and the biopsy in October did not show any signs of tumor.

I don’t compromise my lifestyle by spending time with activities such as social activities (Rotary club), intellectual entertainments (technology and video production) and physical work (do-it-yourself hobbyism and gardening), with good health and psychology, and I’m not talking about the improvement in family life. even.”

A. D.
A. D., 80 years old

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