HIFU Treatment – Step by Step Guide

Patient is lying on the right side during the treatment
Image illustrates position of the probe relative to the rectum.
Thanks to the proximity between the prostate and the rectum wall, treatment is carried out particularly optimally in the intrarectal position.
Probe is now inserted into the rectum up to the level of the prostate. The bladder is located above and the urethra passes through the prostate.
Imaging transducer in the middle of the probe allows a very precise three-dimensional computer reconstruction of the area to be treated.
All the prostate is scanned and reconstructed through the movements of the probe and the computer program.
On the screen, the doctor plans every step of the treatment with millimetric precision.
Finally, the device automatically realizes the optimal number of lesions following the planning carried out by the urologist.
Quality of the treatment is immediately checked by contrast ultrasound
An MRI can confirm the treated area

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  • Glossary
  • Bladder
    Organ in which urine accumulates before being expelled from the body.
  • Prostate
    Gland in the male genital system that plays a role in semen production.
  • Rectum
    Final section of the large intestine, ending at the anus.
  • Ultrasound
    Painless medical imaging examination performed using an ultrasound scanner.
  • Urethra
    Tube leading from the bladder through which urine leaves the body. The urethra also carries semen during an ejaculation.
  • Urologist
    Physician who specializes in urinary and genital conditions.

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